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The topics in this article include the following:

What Is Engraving?

What are the applications of engraving?

What can be all engraved?

Which are the Applicable Industries?

What are the different types of engraving machines available?

What factors have to be con sidered while choosing the engraving machine?

What are the Types of Engraving Services?

Materials for Laser Engraving Service

What Is Hand Engraving?

What is engraving?

The process of incising and grooving a design onto any material either on flat or curved is called engraving. The final product of the engraving process is a decorated item when wood, gold, and silver, glass, or steel is engraved.

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What are the applications of engraving?

In the non-modern or earlier times engraving has been used for a long time as an important method of creating customized or tailor-made images on papers in both the printmaking and also for commercial reproductions. Traditionally, the engraving process has been frequently practiced by goldsmiths, steel traders, and glass engravers etc.

The modern engraving techniques like etching, embossing and laser engraving have many other important applications such as Crystal Engraving, Wood Engraving, Acrylic Engraving, silver and gold jewelry engraving, Plastic Engraving and many other applications.

What can be all engraved?

There are several items which can be engraved such as: Crystal, Trophies, Brass Plaques, Signs, Gifts Items, Letter boxes, Badges, Keychains, Rubber, Paper, Leather, Stone, Wood , Acrylic, gold and silver, etc.

Which are the Applicable Industries?

There are bounties of industries who can take advantage of engraving, which includes: Advertising industry, Garments, sampling, large format tailoring, leather industry, shoemaking, decorating, furniture, packing and printing, molding and art crafts industries etc. Model industry such as construction models, aviation and navigation models, arts and crafts, electronics and electrical appliances industries can also take the greater advantage of engraving.

What are the different types of engraving machines available?

  • Laser engraving machine
  • Mechanical engraving machine
  • Rotary engraving machine
  • Manual Engraving Machines
  • CNC Engraving Machine

There are different kinds of engraving machines exist to work on different materials or through different methods of marking. A few common types of engraving machines are the mechanical engraving machine, the laser engraver, the photo engraver, and the jewelry engraver.

Mechanical engraving machine: An engraving machine which uses a model or stencil to transfer a design to the material that will be engraved can be termed as mechanical engraving machine. In this machine the cutter marks the material with the design or description. Mechanical engravers have traditionally been a big part of the printing process. The desired image or lettering is engraved onto wood or metal plates, which is inked and stamped on the pages with the help of a printing press.

Rotary engraving machine : The rotary engraving machine uses a stationary tool attached to a computer guided spinning rod to engrave the materials of different shapes. This type of engraving machine has the ability to engrave many different types of materials. Rotary engraving machine can be a versatile tool if used appropriately.

Laser engraving machine :The practice of using lasers to engrave or mark on the object is called laser engraving or laser marking. This technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve tool bits which contact the engraving surface and damage.

The laser engraving machine uses a carbon dioxide powered laser light to engrave the “laserable” object.  Laser engraving equipment can be used to etch complex images onto an object without any part of the machine coming into contact with the work to be engraved.   A disadvantage of the laser engraving machine can be the heat produced by the process. In some cases, plastic and acrylic can be harmfully affected by the heat of the laser light.

Manual Engraving Machines : If compared with the laser engraving machine manual engraving machine can not be as clean as efficient but is suited to an engraving job where the more material is needed to be cut away. The manual engraving machines makes the deep passes into the object which is to be engraved.

CNC Engraving Machine : The Computer Numerical Controlled-CNC engraving machines are used to engrave the custom parts may be of a larger size or onetime production only. The CNC engraving machines are very user friendly where a command can be simply given to the machine by a CAD drawing into the computer.

What factors have to be considered while choosing the engraving machine?

There are several factors which should be considered while selecting an engraving machine. The main factor could be the type of material to be engraved backed by the price of the machine. The rotary engraving systems are cheaper than the laser ones. Hence, the modern custom jewelry manufacturer uses the laser engraving machine whereas the others like custom keychain makers and awards engravers etc still uses the rotary engraving systems.

It is clear that there are many options and many choices for selecting the engraving systems either rotary, laser, mechanical, manual or CNC engraving machine. The purpose of the machine should be reviewed, the investment should be determined and the size, reliability, pricing, ease of use also play an important role while selecting an engraving machine.

What are the Types of Engraving Services?

  • Laser engraving services
  • Acrylic engraving services
  • Custom engraving services
  • Metal engraving
  • Engraved key chains
  • Wood engraving
  • Crystal engraving services
  • Rotary Engraving Services

Laser engraving services

There are specialized services available for laser engraving. Laser engraving can be done more finely on the items such as the rings, awards, plaques, and other promotion gift items like key chains and pens and many more.

Acrylic engraving service

Acrylic engraving is done with the help of laser engraving machines which cuts and engrave the acrylic as per the customer requirement.

Custom engraving services

Custom engraving services are the more commonly used engraving services because the customer prefers their own artworks and designs and uniqueness on their products rather than some pre-engraved items.

Ring engraving services

This is the more specific service provided by the expert engravers where they engrave within the tiny area of the ring by using various methods they put the custom writings inside the rings and other small materials.

Materials for Laser Engraving Service

A laser engraving machine can engrave customer specified image or numbers or letters or any design on just about  any material such as crystals, silver, gold, plaques, acrylic, wood, leather, steel, aluminum sheets etc as per the customer’s requirement.

Some materials are easy to be engraved and some are very tough while some materials cannot be engraved. For instance, natural materials are usually easy to be engraved such as hard wood; the soft wood, thermoforming plastics, cannot be engraved easily as the soft wood can be easily vaporized and the thermoforming plastic can melt by the laser; and the product like fur and foam etc cannot be engraved.

The special laser engraving plastics is also available in the market such as silicate and other materials, these materials are developed for use for engraving signage etc. Metals are now days have become very easy to be engraved. Coated metals can be easily engraved as the coated vitreous enamel on top of the metal can be easily burned. Stone and glass are very hard materials to work with, although laser engraving glass can be done with the right equipment and the correct process. It may be better to have the glass sandblasted or cut using water and diamonds. Stone and glass can fracture when hit with a laser, and thus the process has to be done just right or the engraving will not work. The visual consistency of a laser engraving on glass may not be that good, so that is something to keep in mind when considering this type of service.

What is hand engraving?

The art of engraving by using a hand operated engraver to create designs and pictures on the materials is called the hand engraving. Hand engraving is mostly done by using the tools like hammer and chisel. The materials on which hand engraving can be done include metal, wood and stones. These materials also vary depending on the experience and the preference of the engraver.

The engraving tools used by the hand engravers are normally very thin to cut small and tiny and darker lines and detailed cuts in the material.