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How to make money with magnetic sheets?

Most printers and advertising companies in the Middle East are not aware of the potentials in the magnet sheet printing. Magnets come in sheet or rolls and in different thicknesses. Many promotional products can be produced from the printed magnet sheet.

Some of the end products are as follows:

- Fridge Magnets                  - Magnetic Business Card

- Magnetic Clips                    - Book Marks

- Memo Boards                     - Photo Frames

- Pad Magnets                      - Calendar Magnets

- Car Magnet

Printing the magnets is easier than you think. Based on limitations in your workshop or even your office, there are many options to choose for branding your promotional magnets. Some of the printing methods are as follows:

1 - Offset
In this method, paper sticker can be printed using offset press in many ups, then laminated and pasted on top of the magnet sheet. The magnetic sheet can then be cut using paper cutters or even die cut to get cool and customized shapes

2 - Regular Office Laser or Inkjet Printer
instead of offset, for smaller quantities, the paper sticker can be printed using your regular office color printer and laminate by the very inexpensive office laminator. Then the laminated paper sticker can be pasted on magnet sheet and cut with paper cutter or send for die cutting.

3 - Large Format Printers
it is possible to print directly on magnetic sheets using large format printers and could be a perfect solution for vehicle graphics. However, generally the resolution is lower than other method and not a good solution for small jobs that require high resolution printing.

4 - Screen Printing
this method is the traditional and most durable way of printing on magnets. However the limitation is with the number of colors to be printed.

5 - Special Magnet for Inkjet Printers
there are also special magnets coated for inkjet with lower thickness than can be fed into inkjet printer for direct printing


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