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Engraved Badges is an official way to present your Identity. Badge is a special mark or device worn as a symbol of membership, achievement or authority. Our Plastic Name Tags can be found in rectangular shape with different sizes which have dual layer patched over them so as we cut the upper layer through engraving process the lower layer automatically comes out to give the name as we create on it. The Visibility of the engraved content gets more clearer because the two layers are in contrast that is the underneath layer is of different color and the upper layer would be a changed color that makes the name more conspicuous. We have variety of back attachments like pins and magnets for these Engravable Badges.


Gold and Silver Engravable Name Badges Engravable Name Badges 2021
Engravable PVC Name Badges Engravable PVC Name Badges
Engravable Plastic Name Badges Engraved Name Badges in Plastic