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Free Style Dark Transfer Papers FS-01

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FS-01 Free Style Dark Transfer Papers FS-01 160 58 102
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Packaging Details

Code Available Quantity Product Name Item Weight Pieces in a Pack Carton Weight Carton Size
FS-01 160 Free Style Dark Transfer Papers FS-01 N/A 1 n/a n/a



Technical Specifications

NOTE: Our paper is recommended for the OKI White Toner color laser printers. It may not render an optimal function in regular CMYK copiers or printers unless using vector files with dark color.


Use Tray or By-pass Tray

  • Make sure all sheets are stacked up with the matte coated side up
  • Do not stack more than 30 sheets at a time
  • Air all sheets on both edges to make sure they are loose
  • Open the back side of the printer to allow a straight feed through the printer

Set Paper Type:

  • C711WT - Film paper setting
  • C8432WT - Transparency paper - Heavy Paper 1
  • C920WT - Transparency paper setting

Use Mirror Image setting so image will be right reading after transfer to the fabric chosen

Fusing Film & White Adhesive paper:

Note: A conventional home iron will not provide a satisfactory image transfer.

  • Set temperature to 310° F and preheat the heat press Silicone pad for at least 2 minutes. Perform this after lengthy intervals between uses of the heat press. This ensures better bonding between Film and Adhesive paper
  • Place the printed film sheet face up in the middle of the heat press bottom platen
  • Place the White Adhesive sheet faced down on top of the Printed film sheet. Make sure the adhesive sheet is cut smaller than the film and does not run over the border, otherwise place a protector underneath the printed film sheet.
  • Press at medium pressure (approx. 40 - 60 Lbs.) for 90 - 120 seconds - wait 8 seconds before start peeling
  • While the 2 sheets are laying on the heat press, pull the White adhesive sheet carefully in a diagonal direction from the bottom film sheet. Pull in a calm and consistent motion while maintaining the film sheet on the bottom heat platen. Do not lift the papers from the heated bottom silicone as it may reduce success of bonding.

Pressing: T- shirts

Note: A conventional home iron will not provide a satisfactory image transfer.

  • See fabric setting temperature setting below from 210° F to 300° F and at medium pressure (approx. 40 Lbs)
  • Pre-press the fabric if desired and let it cool down
  • Cut the white edge line from the film sheet that may have been created by the adhesive paper
  • Position the film sheet on the fabric face down and press for 30 seconds
  • Peel the film sheet of the fabric when completely cold


  • Turn garment inside out. Machine washes in warm or cold water
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • Tumble dry on low setting. Do not iron on imaged area or dry clean!


TEMP. (°F)























IMPORTANT: Please keep your HiTemp plus No Weed Opaque sheets in the storage bag until actual use. This will keep moisture out of the paper and out of direct contact with UV lights. Close the bag after each use.




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