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New-Paper-A3 New Laser Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric - A3 Size 1 0 0
New-Paper-A4 New Laser Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric - A4 Size 1 0 0
Note: Quantities are subject to change and are not final. Note that we receive new shipments on regular bases or many times can be manufactured based on the order. If you require bigger quantity, please contact us for delivery time...


Packaging Details

Code Available Quantity Product Name Item Weight Pieces in a Pack Carton Weight Carton Size
New-Paper-A3 1 New Laser Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric - A3 Size N/A 500 14.4 kg 48x35x16 cm
New-Paper-A4 1 New Laser Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric - A4 Size N/A 2000 32.5 kg 46x32x32 cm



Technical Specifications

White Toner Printing Sample 

  FREE style dark is a self-weeding laser transfer paper works well on various garments like cotton, cotton blends, 100% polyester and leather.


  •   Design with free style dark high brilliant and isolated transfer without time consuming trimming and weeding.
  •   Save production cost and time by using FREE style dark instead of screen printing and flex foils.



The usage of FREE style dark offers best solutions for various applications:

  • Custom-made letter in different colors can be applied now easy, fast and economical on dark colored garments.
  • Logos and un-screen graphics will be shown in accurate in every detail on to the fabric.
  • The high wearing comfort is comparable to screen printing.
  • FREE style dark guaranties varied advantages of special products like e.g. safety vest, leather flags etc.
  • The possibilities are almost unlimited by using FREE style dark. Feel free to style!

White Toner Printing SampleWhite Toner Printing Sample



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