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Maxema Tag Pens TA1-MET-CR

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Code Image Product Name Available Quantity in Stock Enter Quantity Reserved Stock Net Available
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-83 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-83 650 0 650
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-85 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-85 950 0 950
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-92 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-92 950 0 950
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-94 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-94 950 0 950
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-95 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-95 450 0 450
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-96 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-96 950 0 950
Note: Quantities are subject to change and are not final. Note that we receive new shipments on regular basis or many times can be manufactured based on the order. If you require bigger quantity, please contact us for delivery time. The weight and size of the products are just an estimate and may be different than the actual weight or size. The exact shipment weight or dimension will be calculated once the order is confirmed.


Packaging Details

Code Available Quantity Product Name Item Weight Pieces in a Pack Carton Weight Carton Size
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-83 650 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-83 0.012 kg 1000 12.860 kg 40x32x30 cm
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-85 950 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-85 0.012 kg 1000 12.860 kg 40x32x30 cm
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-92 950 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-92 0.012 kg 1000 12.860 kg 40x32x30 cm
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-94 950 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-94 0.012 kg 1000 12.860 kg 40x32x30 cm
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-95 450 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-95 0.012 kg 1000 12.860 kg 40x32x30 cm
MAX-TA1-MET-CR-96 950 Maxema Tag Pen TA1-MET-CR-96 0.012 kg 1000 12.860 kg 40x32x30 cm




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